One of the most comprehensive film and paste adhesive lines that help our customers build their products with ultimate reliability at the lowest cost of manufacturing. In the case of film adhesives, besides having the first tacky epoxy film adhesive, AIT has pioneered a wide selection of self-supporting epoxy film adhesives without fiberglass. These products are engineered with the lowest temperature and pressure melt-flow properties to allow “Instant tack and cure without pressure.” This provides true inline processing for stacked chips and substrate attach applications. The same inline productivity enhancements are also available in die and substrate paste adhesives that allow rapid curing at temperatures as low as 80°C. In addition, molecularly flexible cross-linkable films have been incorporated with copper foil and are used to provide patented applications of flexible circuits and interposers. Since 2009, AIT has also successfully developed and applied ultra-high temperature, moisture resistant, and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) products for continuous operational use at 300°C in die and component attach applications.

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