Farran desings and manufacture standard and Custom products. The product line includes:

FEV: Frequency Extension to expand your existing Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) capabilities  to get S-parameter measurements between 40-500GHz.

FBC/WGSN: Down converters for use as frequency extenders for noise figure measurement test systems and Noise Sources in the 26.5 – 170 GHz range.

AET/AER: Dedicated Test & Measurement solution for antenna performance verification.

SAE: Designed to interface with your existing microwave signal or spectrum analyzer and extend its frequency coverage to 170 GHz.

Other components like: Frequency Extension CAL Kits, Radar Front Ends, Radiomenters, Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Passive Multipliers, Harmonic and Sub Harmonic Mixers.


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