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RF Morecom

Quality products and solutions on time at competitive price.

  • Indoor Coverage Solutions. RFMorecom’s TE mode resonators are high quality, superior temperature stability and wide frequency range. Applications: LNB for satellite, Repeaters / Base station for mobile communication, Oscilliators, RF/Microwave filters and duplexers, Hand-set for B-WLL / LMDS, Oscilliators (DRO / VCO), Wireless telecommnunication (remote controller, head-set, etc.).
  • Ceramic Solutions. Bandpass Filter, Duplexer (Discrete type and monoblock type). RFMorecom has a broad line of high quality dielectric band pass filters. Its advanced material and circuit design technology makes monoblock and discrete type band pass filter with ultra compact, low cost, and highly suitable for surface mounting. Its rigid process control and thorough quality control system make sure perfect performance and reliability. RFM can offer ceramic solution for a variety of mobile communication applications (400MHz ~ 3.8GHz): AMPS, PCS, GSM, DCS, WLL, DCS, Wi-Fi and WiMAX application, UMTS/DMB.
  • Cavity Solution.  Bandpass Filter, Duplexer (Air type and DR type). RFMorecom’s cavity filters are designed and manufactured to have sharp filter characteristics, and high power-rating. RFM’s advanced design and manufacturing technology results in high reliable filter performance, combined with compact size and low cost. Its cavity filter designs are available in the frequency range of 400MHz to 23GHz and with bandwidth options from less than 0.5% to over 4% to satisfy the majority of industrial : Base station, CDMA, GSM, DCS, WLL/WI-FI and WiMAX.
  • GPS Solution. GPS patch antenna/GPS active antenna/Telematics antenna. RFMorecom’s GPS Antennas have excellent bandwidth characteristics and a broad radiation feature to track and receive GPS satellite signals. Using our state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, we satisfy our customers with superb performance of our antennas. Applications: GPS, Vehicle Navigation, Aviation, Marine Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Bluetooth.

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