Trenton Systems

Trenton Systems

Established in 1989, Trenton Sustems is an american company with wide expertise in designing and manufacturing of rugged computers. Their in-house manufacturing capabilities, and their totally controlled manufacturing process in which they don’t outsource any design or software, result in a lower exposure to security threats. In fact they are proud to claim that their products are 100% USA made.
Tranton Systems offers a wide range of products and a stunning configuration flexibility with off-the-self componets designed to exceed your expectations in any environment. Battle-tested across military, industrial, and commercial programs on sea, land, air, and in space. Certified to comprehensive Military and Industrial Standards for added compatibility, hardened security, and undeniable reliability. It includes Intel Xeon Dual Performance CPUs, 6 channel DDR4-2933 memories or up to 27GB/s SSD storage.

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