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Maury kits offer a range of performance and cost options which provide users with choices that are both technically and economically suitable for a variety of intended application.

In the first place, we have the CK50-series Characterized Device (CD) SOLT Calibration Kits, that are composed of individually characterized short, open and fixed load standards. Each kit comes with custom S-parameter files which are used for VNA calibration instead of a generalized polynomial definition, resulting in TRL-like accuracy with fixed-load SOLT ease-of-use.



In addition, the CK60-series Verification Kits, that are designed for 1-port and 2-port VNA calibration validation for well-matched and mismatched DUTs, is also a really interesting option. Each kit comes with individually characterized verification standards and is used for calibration validation by comparing the S-parameters of the appropriate verification standard measured by the user and the S-parameters measured at the factory. When combined with MT940-series Insight Calibration and Measurement Software, users will be able to quantify the uncertainty contribution of their calibration kit to their overall measurements, and use overlapping uncertainty boundaries to validate a VNA calibration with increased confidence.

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