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Power & Control


HI-REL Power Supplies and Networking Solutions Built End-to-End for Military Applications. DC/DC and AC/DC Converters, PDUs, Hold-Up Units, DC/AC Inverters.

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Military and critical mission batteries. Custom battery designs. Space batteries. Litium batteries based on different chemistries. 6T, BB-2590, ELI-152, ELI2590. Wearable batteries. Chargers, battery electronic circuitry for batteries and chargers.

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Hermetic relays, SSPCs and Control Systems

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Optoelectronic components, electronic assemblies and multi-chip microelectronic modules for Hi-Rel applications

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Redler Technologies

(Español) Diseño y fabricación de servocontroladores, smart switches de estado sólido y sistemas de distribución de potencia (PDUs) de grado militar.

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